January 8, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

[Digital Drift 2014]

This is the one we’ve been rounding up to. All the stops are pulled out and we are in full meta mode this time round. 

01.38: We begin with a review from Sharon and myself, zeroing in on what drove us crazy about the film’s structure and character development but closing out with what we really loved about it despite so much holding the movie back. 

51.45: With Bob Chipman, AKA MovieBob from The Escapist as our guest we discuss the possible futures of Spider-Man. This was a match-up a lot of people were angling for, but we chose not to butt heads over why we do or don’t engage with the Webb or Raimi movie series’. Instead we focused on what we have in common which is that all three of us want the Amazing series to stop right this very minute. 


Bob Chipman of Moviebob


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