February 3, 2015

Peter Pan + Hook

[School of Movies 2015]

This is a look at three major cinematic outings for the boy who never grew up.

00.02.00: Peter Pan (1953)

00.39.00: Hook (1991)

01.08.00: Peter Pan (2003)

The first includes Mr Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits and focuses on the animated Disney movie. The second part we take a look at the Spielberg live action sequel and the third is the 2003 adaptation directed by P.J. Hogan.

Were’s honestly not all that keen on the first two, although both have their strengths (the Spielberg offering, more so; Hoffman, Smith, Hoskins, Basco, Williams, that poster), but we LOVE the third, so if you can stick around through what we find troubling you can come with us and get to the heart of Pan, interpreting all kinds of deeper elements in the telling of the story.

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Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits

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