January 29, 2015

Lady and the Tramp + Sleeping Beauty

[School of Movies 2015]

The Disney shows continue with Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty, guest starring Daniel Floyd once again.

These were the last gasps for ink and paint animation. If you look at the lustrous colours and brush strokes you will see a distinct difference from the more penciled xerox process that ran from 101 Dalmatians all the way up to The Little Mermaid. 

So it's a charming little story about a dog that gets ignored over a new baby and falls in with a vagrant, and a beautiful girl who sings to owls, says 18 lines and then falls asleep causing the social and economic upheaval of an entire kingdom. 

But delve deeper and the America portrayed in Lady is a very personal idealized one to Walt himself, and Sleeping Beauty was an immense risk tied up in the making of the parks that was one of the most successful movies of the year, yet still failed to meet its expectations. 

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Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits

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