January 5, 2015

Fast Five

[Digital Drift 2015]

We’re back as the F&F series cranks into gear and becomes what it was meant to; a series of heist movies with a colourful, lovable cast of recurring characters and amazing stunts.

This was a case of all the pieces finally slotting into place. Enter The Rock as a powerhouse of a lawman named Hobbs, finally giving the films an antagonist worthy of Toretto. Re-enter Roman, Tej, Han, Gisele, Leo, Santos (played by Don Omar, who sang on several pieces of music accompanying the series, as did Ludacris).

Neil Taylor of GameBurst is back to ride with us again. You also get to hear me go into further detail as to why Power/Rangers was so offensive to my sensibilities. The podcast culminates in a lengthy essay read by Sharon, analyzing the male protagonists: ‘The Fast and the Fatherless’ written by Pastabagel on the Partial objects blog.


Neil Taylor of TheKidDogg

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