January 19, 2017

Wonder Woman

[School of Movies 2017]

This is a big one, a DC movie that we not only don't hate, but actively love.
Wonder Woman is breaking all sorts of new ground and Gal Gadot looks set to be the next universally beloved big screen superhero, joining a fairly small group that includes Reeves as Superman, Maguire as Spider-Man, Downey Jnr. as Iron Man and Evans as Captain America.

We spend two and a half hours discussing Diana's debut in solo form, highlighting the best aspects and touching on a few of the flaws. Largely though this is a celebration of a magnificent, empowering, inspiring experience.


Bob Chipman of Geek.com

Laura Kate Dale of Lets Play Video Games


January 23, 2016

Suicide Squad

[School of Movies 2016]

DC continue their epic campaign of not being able to pull together a cinematic universe that many people enjoy being in.
There has been much said of Suicide Squad already and backlash across the board. If critics are critical they get it in the neck from one crowd, if they praise it they get it in the neck from the other crowd, if they vocalise their view that it's a mixed bag they get a heady cocktail of flak from BOTH crowds.

So here's a mixed bag for you. 

This film is empirically botched in the edit. It most definitely has problems of tone, structure and characterisation and has clearly and manifestly been mismanaged by too many executives unsure of exactly what film they wanted.

I'm going to say the people who enjoyed it are capable of overlooking those problems or consider them to be more than made up for by the good stuff.

Bob "Moviebob" Chipman joins myself, Sharon, Brenden Agnew and James Perkins to look at what the hell happened here.


Bob Chipman of Geek.com

Brendan Agnew of Cinapse

James Perkins of The Digital Fix

[School of Movies 2016]

We start off with my initial thoughts on coming back from the cinema. Then there’s a considerably more positive ten minute piece from Eric Jones. Then we get to the rotten meat of the whole bloody affair. Bob Chipman joins myself, Sharon Shaw and Jerome McIntosh to discuss the film in a more meta context, including what DC Warner’s options are, moving forward. 

00.00.30: First Impressions
00.40.00: A More Positive Response
00.56.00: The Main Event


Bob Chipman of Moviebob

Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst

Eric Jones of Waxing Cinematic

January 7, 2013

Man of Steel

[Digital Gonzo 2013]

This was an interesting one to cover. I went into a round-table debate with 18 pages worth of written material (only a small portion of it actually penned by me) and the intention to integrate broadly contributed prepared content with on-the-hoof discussion. Everybody seemed to have an opinion on this movie and many of the same points were covered over and over and over again. The end result was two and a half hours of raw material. 

Rather than just releasing that monstrosity to the world I have carefully trimmed it down for pacing and avoided duplication. The end result is a trim 87 minutes of engaging opinion, carefully blended. 

Not bad for a movie I originally didn’t have much to say about. 

Approximate Running Order 

1. Intro and Production History
2. Did I Love it? [By David Hartrick]
3. Round-table
4. Story and Character [By Daniel Floyd]
5. Thoughts from The Gonzo Community 
6. Why I Love Man of Steel [By Jake Del Toro]
7. Downs and Ups [By Alex Shaw] 


#2 Read by Sharon Shaw
#4 & #6 Read by Alex Shaw


Neil Taylor of TheKidDogg

Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst

Sharon Shaw of School of Movies

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